Thursday, May 6, 2010

Satisfied Customers

Dear Mike,

Please tell your guys thanks for doing a good job. I appreciate good workmanship- something you don't find everywhere these days, I know that the guys get paid for their work but they also need to be thanked as well. I will be contacting you for future work

Thanks, Bob *******

Dear Mike,

I just wanted to drop you a thank-you letter on the great work Ken, Ben and Jason did for us trimming our trees. They are all experts in their profession. They were very understanding of our wishes and concerns, friendly and courteous. The two times we've had your crew out to do some work for us they managed to remove trees and branches that were extremely tangled in other trees above and below them without damaging the good trees that we wanted to save. I watched the crew work and was impressed with their coordination, attention to safety and with how well they worked together. Their cleanup after they were finished left our yard loooking better than before they arrived. Your prices were better than other tree services we had out to bid on the project. We highly recommend Bark River Tree Service to anyone looking for a quality Tree Service. Thank you again, our appreciation goes out to Ken, Ben and Jason.

Michael **********

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spring is quickly approaching and now is the time to start thinking about getting your trees trimmed and ready for the summer. At Bark River Tree Service we are here to serve you, we offer a complete line of services, one of which being (TPM) Total Property Maintainence, this includes the maintainence of everything green on your property. We have just added an attatchment to our T-250 that allows us to reach over retaining walls and even into the water to retrieve trees and or limbs with the slightest of ease. Any job big or small we can handle them all. I will be sure to attatch a picture to the next blog so you can see what the new attatchment is capable of.

Monday, February 15, 2010

T 250 Track Loader w/ Fecon Carbon Toothed Shredder Attatchment

Here is our solution to Buckthorn, Honeysuckle and basically anything you can throw at it.

It is a T250 Track Loader w Fecon Attatchment, capable of conquering any size and type of Job whether it is brushing in a marsh for hunting lanes or removal of invasive species we have got the right tools for the job.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hello Everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Bark River Tree Service. This has been a good month for Bark River Tree Service; we have been staying busy despite the cold weather. We have been clearing an area of forest that has been taken over by invasive species, species such as


Box Elder Trees.

By the time we were done we had reclaimed over three acres of land. After seeing how efficiently our crew and equipment work and the little impact our equipment has on the ground the customers is having us come back for a second stage removal on yet another area of his property. We are thankful to have customers who recognize and appreciate our hard work. With that being said THANK YOU to all of our loyal Customers.

This past Saturday Boss man (Mike Doering) threw a Christmas party for the crew and friends, he cooked everyone large T-Bone Steaks and Potatoes with all the fixing’s, needless to say it was a good time and everyone enjoyed themselves.

I will keep everyone informed on the happenings here at Bark River Tree Service and until next time Happy New Year.

Ben Costa on Behalf of Bark River Tree Service